With the development of society and economy, the value of the ocean has been paid more and more attention to by humans, and people have developed and utilized it from different angles. In the process, more and more wastes are generated, and most of these wastes end up directly or indirectly entering the ocean. When the discharge of these wastes and sewage reaches a certain limit. The ocean is polluted. Such as marine oil pollution, marine heavy metal pollution, marine thermal pollution, marine radioactive pollution, etc. Polluted sea areas will damage marine life, endanger human health, and hinder human marine production activities. Damage to the quality of seawater use, resulting in the destruction of the beautiful environment and so on.

In the face of serious pollution of the marine environment, the excessive development and utilization of marine resources has caused serious damage to the marine environment and its resources. In the past 30 years, many coastal countries and regions have successively established a large number of various types of marine protected areas. According to different protection objects, protected areas can be roughly divided into: marine ecosystem protection areas, endangered and rare species protection areas, natural and historical relic protection areas, special natural landscape protection areas, and marine environment protection areas, etc. The original appearance of the natural environment and natural resources can be fully preserved through marine protected areas; biological resources can be protected, restored, developed, introduced, and multiplied; the diversity of biological species can be preserved; and the adverse effects of man-made can be eliminated and reduced. Therefore, protected areas The rise of the marine environment has opened up a new way for human beings to protect the marine environment and its resources.